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Hot Chilli

Deliciously tangy, sweet and full of spices lentil chips that tease your tongue and do so much more with every crunch…

Every time you enjoy our snacks, you help us grow a human nature forest! In fact, you will help us reach our target of planting over 1 million trees every year*! This makes an amazing difference to our planet!


For every pack you purchase, we plant a tree on your behalf. Can you believe that just one tree reduces carbon emissions by 12.3kg a year*? Since our crunchy lentil snacks have a low climate footprint, you’re actually making a huge net contribution to your environment!


You also help create green jobs all over the world – including the folk who carefully grow our trees and pick our ingredients. We love them for it…


Together we can make a real difference!

Are you with us?

100g share bag