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1 tree

Deforestation churns out more greenhouse gas emissions than all the world’s cars, trucks, planes and ships combined!

Every tree you help us plant helps us make a remarkable difference to our planet..


Our tree planting projects help

6000 women obtain green jobs in disadvantage communities


12.3kg of carbon removed from our atmosphere & soil every year!

That is  a whopping 308kg of carbon dioxide (including green houses gases) from our atmosphere over a trees life.


Protects up to 80 animal spieces and their natural habitats. Thids helps protect our planets fragile eco system and biodevristy. 

950 litres +

Trees release 950-1700 litres

of water back into the atmosphere as clean air every single day

We plant Mangrove trees which are vital to protecting costal communities and coral reefs


1 million

We partnered with various partners to empower communities to help us plant, grow and guard forests all over the world including Kenya, Haiti, Nepal and may others….