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Sour Cream

& Onion

Smooth sour cream with a zing of onion lentil chips that do more than just satisfy your cravings..


Every time you enjoy our snacks, you do good. You make a positive impact on our planet. In fact, you help us plant over

1 million trees every year!


For every pack you purchase, we plant a tree on your behalf. Would you believe that just one tree reduces carbon emissions by 12.3kg a year? Our delicious lentil snacks have a low climate footprint, so you’re actually making an incredible benefit to the world!


Plant based foods are great for your body as well. And your generosity encourages us to grow even more wholesome ingredients! That means more nutrition for the soil and a healthier environment for us all.


Together we can make a real difference!

Are you with us?

100g share bag