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Vegan Cheese

Rich, creamy, intense cheese flavour lentil chips (with no dairy!) that do more than being delicious…


Every time you enjoy our snacks, you do good. You make a positive impact on our planet. In fact, you help us plant over 1 million trees every year!

For every pack you purchase, we plant a tree on your behalf. Are you aware that a single tree reduces carbon emissions by a phenomenal 12.3kg a year? And our lovely lentil chips have a low climate footprint, so you’re making a great contribution to nature every time you tuck in.


Our snacks are also 100% vegan, so you never have to worry about anything animal-related sneaking in. Oh, and if you’re wondering how on earth we make them so cheesy – it’s our awesome spices blend!


Together we can make a real difference!

Are you with us?

100g share bag