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100g share bag

Continuously reducing our climate footprint to net zero.

Supporting fair-paid green jobs through our social causes & projects.

Everything we make, we grow.

That's why we never use

animal-derived ingredients

in any of our goods.

Every step counts


before profit

Reap what

you sow


it green

Helping fight climate change through our goal

to plant 1 million mangrove trees every year! 

Rich, creamy, intense cheese flavour lentil chips (with no dairy!) that do more than being delicious.

Our snacks are 100% vegan, so you never have to worry about anything animal-related sneaking in. Oh, and if you’re wondering how on earth we make them so cheesy – it’s our awesome spices blend! 

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Are you ready to be mesmerised by our incredible barbecue flavour pea rings?

Every time you enjoy our snacks, we plant a tree on your behalf. You are not only safeguarding our planet, but you are also helping over 6000 women from disadvantaged communities to be employed on our project sites every year!

SUCCULENT pea rings made with a mix of pulses and a blend of spices to excite your cravings!

Every time you munch our chips, we plant a tree on your behalf. In this way, you are helping us reach our goal: planting 1 million trees a year! This means removing 1.04 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!

Here they are: our AWARD-WINNING lentil sticks that will tease your tongue and do so much more with every crunch!

The Great Taste Awards judges described them as  "practical crunchy bite-sized pieces, innovative snacks and a great alternative to traditional crisps".